екопластик 2016EKOPLASTIK 2016

Manufacture of cardboard cups

for hot, cold drinks and vending machines

ECOPLASTIK 2016 was founded in 2016 by a team having long experience in the manufacture of single-use supplies. Thanks to our rich experience we are able to deal with the challenges of such exact manufacture as well as the market demands. Company of Ecoplastik 2016 OOD – Burgas is the first and only present manufacturer of paper cups for vending machines on the territory of the city of Burgas and the whole of Southeast Bulgaria. We have own production and warehouse base located in the Northern Industrial Zone of Burgas.

In today’s fast-paced world many people prefer to get a coffee or any other drink from a vending machine in single-use cups and they are plastic in most cases. Ecoplastik 2016 wants to change this by offering an alternative and much more eco-friendly product, namely paper cups for hot, cold drinks and vending machines. That will help our beautiful nature become cleaner.

производител на картонени чаши за вендинг автомати

Manufacturer of cardboard cups for vending machines
We continuously enrich and expand our technical equipment. We invest in the most advanced machines with automated quality control and high performance. We endeavour to provide our employees with good working and recreational conditions. We will soon offer on the marker a full range of cardboard cups for hot and cold drinks. That is how our company achieves its goals.

екопластик 2016 Our mission

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