Контакти - Екопластик 2016 ООД Бургас

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Ecoplastik 2016 OOD Burgas

City of Burgas
Northern Industrial Zone
Former Ropotamo factory

On this page you will find several ways to contact us or to find us through the easiest and most convenient way. If you still have any difficulty, please call us on the phone specified and we will try to contact you shortly. The feedback with our counterparties is of great importance.

Please use the following coordinates to find us using a GPS device:

  • GPS / GPS coordinates 42.518019, 27.438832

Екопластик 2016 ООД - Бургас - телефон     Mobile Phone: + 359 889 172 222

Екопластик 2016 ООД - Бургас - електронна поща E-mail :  burgas.ekoplastik2016@gmail.com

or : sales@ekoplastik2016.com

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